31st Aug 2017

SPEAR Physiotherapy and Sports Injury are delighted to launch a new service, SPEAR:Run, in mid-September. The service will be open to runners of any level and ability and is headed up by Chartered Physiotherapist, James Cruickshank. SPEAR:Run is an assessment programme designed to address your needs, your areas for development and to ensure you run strong, run injury free and run with enjoyment.

James too is a runner and understands the need to run and the demands it puts on your body. By understanding and recognising the external stressors that affect the body’s ability to accept load, transmit force and function fully, SPEAR:Run can look to identify where your increases in load have come from, why they have occurred and conclude if they are too much or too little for the stage of training your in. With this, James can then formulate your plan to minimize the risk of injury to your tissue. We spoke to James and asked why SPEAR:Run and what was the inspiration behind this new service.

“I first started running to get away from, funnily enough, work stresses. I would be constantly turning over and over in my head if I had done the right treatment, why weren’t such and such getting better, had I left the ultrasound machine on… It was a close friend that had suggested running, not to get fit, but to clear all the troubles and help me get a break from the constant reassurance to myself after each day. I had previously played football at a high level, loved the training but had never run seriously (I am not sure I do run seriously yet). I started to notice that when I ran, I approached things logically the next day at work, and on the nights I hadn’t, I always felt I was on catch up.

I remember my first run well, it was the Baker Hughes and like many others I had no idea how to train for an event and I wasn’t sure what to expect on the day… I turned up and ran the first km in 3:37min / km…and paid for it! I completed the Baker Hughes but had fallen out of love with competitive running as I never felt I knew how to do it, so wanted to focus on just running. Since then, I have completed two marathons, two 15-mile trail races, multiple half marathons, duathlons, supathons, triathlons, multi-distance events and one 24hr event… and loved them all because I love running.

The best thing I have learnt through training, reading, discussions, seminars and just talking with clients themselves is when to push it and when to hold off. When you can run on an injury and when modification is required? What is the expected risk or reward of running on an injury and lastly, knowing what are normal training responses and what are the bodies way of whispering before it screams?

I have honed my skills over ten years, but in the last four years really focused on a client-centered approach to running rehabilitation, where the client-specific goal meets the expected healing times and the expected outcome. This provides a more scientifically-managed treatment plan versus a finger-crossed approach. SPEAR: Run understands the importance of goals, be it your first 5km, your first 10km, your 10th marathon, British Athletics sprint championships, Commonwealth Games, Youth Commonwealth Games, World Championships or World Orienteering Championship… My experience of a wide variety of running type, distance and the approach help mould my assessment skills to tailor your outcome for your event.

I have spent time with world class coaches, physiotherapists, travelled Stateside with fellow physiotherapist Karen Young and to Australia to find out how to do things better and the same answer comes back – keep it patient/client/athlete centered ensure their goal is your motivation!  SPEAR:run recognises the importance of running. I recognize the importance of respecting your body,  the need to run for whatever reason and look to help you minimise time out to maximise performance of time in.

Running to me is more than a job; it’s a way of life. I too get grumpy when I can’t run, I also get carried away when running well and do too much, I sympathise but can help educate the best way to modify training, modify strengthening and help reduce the amount of running based injuries and therefore reduce the time spent away from running.”

If you want to know how we can help or to book an appointment for a SPEAR:Run assessment, email james@spearphysiotherapy.co.uk with any questions or contact SPEAR clinic on 01224 900 102 #teamSPEAR