10th Jul 2017

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise designed to strengthen the deep abdominals and gluteal muscles, which all help to support the lower back and hips – by strengthening the core you provide your body with a strong stable base from which to move.

SPEAR Physiotherapy and Sports Injury clinic offers morning and evening classes in Aberdeen City and Shire. Our physiotherapists’ expert knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and training with the APPI allow us to modify exercises to suit the individual client within a class, which ensures that every client is working at a level appropriate to them.

 We asked some of our pilates clients what they thought of the classes and here’s what they had to say:

“…good to get the correct positions, feel more toned and flexible”

“…back pain gone and generally feel happier and more motivated”

“…do a variety of movements so that many parts of the body are improved”

“I enjoy the variety of exercises and the friendliness of the class”

“…tutor’s attention to detail and attention to correction positions, [great] variety and atmosphere…”

“…classes are very varied which is great as I can get easily bored”

“…feel stronger and more aware of my body as a result…”

“…my core has improved and my body awareness”

“Give Pilates a shot and keep at it, it took over 10 weeks to see large out distinctive benefits but there’s nothing I’m more glad I’ve done to recover”

SPEAR physio-led Pilates classes are held in the Aberdeen Sports Village and in the Westhill SPEAR clinic at these times:

Aberdeen Sports Village

Tuesday 10am-11am

Wednesday 7pm-8pm

Thursday 5.45pm – 6.45pm and 8pm – 9pm

Westhill SPEAR clinic

Monday 10am - 11am, Thursday 10am – 11am, 6pm – 7pm and 7pm – 8pm

Please contact Hayley at SPEAR on 01224 900102 to book your sessions #teamSPEAR