Your First Visit

The first visit usually lasts approximately 40 minutes. Your physiotherapist will begin by asking you some questions about the injury such as how the problem started, what aggravates the pain and what kind of activities you are finding difficult. It can sometimes be useful to write down anything you remember or have noticed about the problem as this makes it easier for us to help you.

The physiotherapist will then examine the injury and will explain what he or she is doing as they are going along. Please bring shorts with you if you have a lower limb problem so we can assess the area.

Following treatment the physiotherapist will take time to discuss the findings with you and can show you the tissues involved on diagrams if you wish.

One of the most important parts of the initial session at our clinics is making sure you fully understand what tissues we think you have injured including any factors we may have identified which may impact on injury healing.

At the first appointment we will try our best to give you a realistic number of treatment sessions we think you will need and how often you are likely to need to attend. There are often a number of things we can show you to try to assist with the best recovery. If we think that physiotherapy is not indicated for your injury we will also discuss this with you at the first appointment.